ax, we've arrived

Relax, we’ve arrived?  The question mark is mine.  Relax, You’ve Arrived, is Rick Hanson’s recent post on Just One Thing  Why the question mark?  Well, it’s because the exhortation goes directly against the way I was brought up, and lived much of my life — that I must keep busy, doing, trying to getting somewhere other than where I am…get smarter, thinner, contribute more…. (I assume you can relate to some aspect of this :-).  If not, good on you!  I’d love to hear your story!)  

When I read the words, Relax, You’ve arrived, and once I let the question mark fade, there is — I feel it now as I write — a letting go, and softening, a dropping.  Gratitude arises… it is gentle, kind. Oh, now it’s turning into compassion!  

Here’s a bit of backstory.  I have spent much of my time, for so much of my life, so many moments of each day doing. I have been a human doing.  That brings up compassion.  Deep breath.  All that efforting, trying, working…. Gratitude shows up because I am learning, slowly, but surely, and steadily, that I am a human being: here, now, not needing anything to be different.  Oh my, what a concept!  What an experience!  

babies are everywhere

And there’s more.  You know how when we shift our perspective, when our situation changes, how we start to notice things that align with our new perspective?  Pregnant women notice babies, people newly in love notice the special space of openness and delight all around.  Or when we’ve bought a particular car, all of a sudden that’s all we see?  Well, as I begin to relax, am more at ease with the present moment, being here now… much is coming my way to help me do just that — relax and, yes, to accept, and even to enjoy!  

Kurt Vonnegut tells about his uncle Alex, who said that when things are going well, we want to make a point of really noticing them, savouring them.  Alex said often, “If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is!”   How about all those “precious ordinary” moments in our days and lives? Let’s take a deep breath, relax, and savour ‘em!  This moment is it. This is all we have. Relax and enjoy it.

In the face of all that is happening in the world these days, one of our greatest contributions is to be present and relaxed, and to send out loving and generous energy as our vibratory offerings to the universe, to the unfolding and manifesting of this incredible life and planet and universe.

In closing, relax and enjoy this old New Yorker cartoon where the elder monk is saying to the younger one: 

Relax, we've arrived.

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