“Here is distilled wisdom.  The starting point is personal, the insights universal.” — Wendy Hilliard, Conflict Resolution Trainer

“This book gleans nuggets from many teachings and makes them personally accessible. This is benefit enough to recommend it. More than this, though, it invites us into our own experiences. And after all, it is here – in the intimacy of our own experience – that these stories come true and unfold.  These stories are doorways, opening us to our own journeys. This is a book to read over and over.”  — John Davis, Teacher, Ridhwan School, and Professor, Naropa University

“The author shares the gems of a self-reflective journey… Her insights and engaging style carry the reader toward lessons learned, perhaps not always easily… Jill takes us on a journey to the depths and helps us become aware of our own process of becoming.” — Kathy Barnhart, Marriage and Family Counsellor.

“In her enlightening work, “BECOMING: Journeying Toward Authenticity”, Jill Schroder opens her world to us and shares her life journey through anecdotes that are as compelling as they are insightful. As befits the theme of authenticity, not all the stories have a happy ending, though through Jill’s “learning frame”, the lessons they offer will guide and support us in our own journeys.” — Gary Harper,  Fellow traveler and author, The Joy of Conflict Resolution

Reader’s Comments
 “Quite wonderful, really. Your style is easy, engaging, alluring. Your language is clean and precise, your form masterfully simple. It’s not easy to use the first person, especially regarding spirituality, without distracting or annoying the reader with traces of ego or pedantry. Your reader is invited to share the journey, and willingly does so, sensing both the truth of the path, and the unconditional invitation. You present yourself as a seeker rather than a master, thus welcoming and disarming other potentially hesitant seekers, and encouraging them by admitting your all-too-frail humanity. All of which is underscored with a deep abiding wisdom.  Even famous spiritual leaders may have their writings rejected by publishers; your success with this book is both well-deserved, and all the more outstanding. As you touch others, as their eyes open, more light spills out, making your own path both more blessed, and all the more easy to follow.”  — Nelson B.

“Your book has arrived and it is wonderful. I think it will be a valuable resource for many people on the journey and give reluctant travelers the courage to take their first steps.  I love your frankness and openness and how clearly you describe your journey through an issue to a new reality. It seems to me it will inspire hope and confidence that with a desire and a willingness…, one can move from deep limitation towards freedom and authenticity.  Congratulations, Jill!  A labor of love beautifully executed!!” — Carli S.

“I am loving your book!  Honestly.  I picked it up to begin to browse and couldn’t stop reading for 40 – 50 pages.  I love the way you start it, with two interpretations of your childhood.  A perfect context for what is to follow.  I love the short chapters, each with a big message.  I am reflecting lots.  It feels familiar and personal and important.  You have done an absolutely wonderful thing. I am still savouring your stories and insights, and the references in your book.”  —  Pru M.

“Jill, what a wonderful, heart-filled book launch, and what a lovely book. I came home last night intending to go out and ended up sinking into your book instead.  I’m reading it slowly, and shall be savouring it over the next days and weeks. Just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying it. The candour and humour are truly engaging, the rhythm lively, and the stories make me want more! Congratulations again!” — M. H.

“A pleasure to read; it is well written, poignant, and has that down-to-earthiness feel to it. I also loved all the quotes that you used. They are exquisite.  Very wise and well written.  You have birthed a much loved gift for the world… ” — Nitsa M.

“BECOMING is a delightful combination of reminiscence, inspiration and truth telling, that really spoke to me.  I found myself laughing in recognition when you described your childhood and dealing with other people’s expectations…  I also feel comfortable about your recognition of the spiritual dimension of life without getting involved in the terminology of theology.” — Sue A.

“I’m enjoying your open, accessible and heart touching style.  Thanks so much for it.” — Jackie L.

“The ‘reflections’ at chapter end launched my sister and me into a great conversation about who influenced us in childhood outside of our parents.  Thank you again for writing such an experiential book.” — Martine C.

“You’re a good writer so it kept my interest, but I really admired your honesty and openness.  It can’t be easy to revisit the pain and gratitude of a lifetime without being either bitter or saccharine sweet, but you did it.  I liked the balance that you’ve struck with the telling, with personal growth always ferreting out.  One of my favorite chapters was your description of scuba diving with a younger man and the giftedness of a shared experience with an unlikely person. Nice layering in a single experience.” — Karen D.

“I’m loving your book!  It is a beautiful dance of sharing which entices a reader into a partnership of self-reflection and encourages a kind of virtual mutuality.  I enjoy seeing which of the books you recommend in each chapter have been important to me, which I have but haven’t really absorbed, and which are new. What a treat! I like your website too.” —  Joyce L.

“Your book reminds us that, though most, if not all, of our travails and triumphs may be personal and private, they are at least as valuable as any found in popular media.” — Judith B.

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