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Forgiveness and Flow

Forgiveness and Flow

Background: Forgiveness and flow.  I recently wrote about Accepting the Unacceptable, how when I was able to stop resisting the mind-rattling, bone-shattering off-road driving on a recent trip, I actually came to enjoy, and even find some benefits in the rough rides!  When a situation is uncomfortable, painful or hurtful, it only too easy and tempting to feel self-righteous,...
Relax! We've Arrived!

Relax! We’ve Arrived!

Relax, we’ve arrived?  The question mark is mine.  Relax, You’ve Arrived, is Rick Hanson’s recent post on Just One Thing  Why the question mark?  Well, it’s because the exhortation goes directly against the way I was brought up, and lived much of my life — that I must keep busy, doing, trying to getting somewhere...