Jill draws on a rich multicultural background for her first publication, BECOMING. A former resident of the United States, Germany, and Austria, Jill has a great appreciation for diversity.  Her first career was in systems analysis and computer simulation. Her education in mathematics and statistics, and work with a variety of national and international, private and governmental organizations, all helped her learn to communicate in a way that is clear and easy to understand.

In her twenties Jill lived in Europe, had her family and raised two children abroad, in a bi-lingual, bi-cultural home.  She was a member of the American Wives of Europeans, where she contributed to studies on cross cultural education and relationships.  The cross-cultural themes appear in several essays in BECOMING.

In 1988 she moved to Canada and began another life and second career.  In her work as a mediator and conflict resolution trainer, she enjoyed creating an atmosphere where people learned together with respect for each others’ varying backgrounds and interests.  Jill trained and coached students in the Conflict Resolution Program at the Justice Institute of B.C., and had a private practice, CONNECTING, where she assisted the parties, in small groups as well as large organizations, in dealing collaboratively with their interests and differences.

Jill’s third professional venture is as a writer, in which she integrates and expands on her earlier dimensions.  She brings a deep and abiding interest in the spiritual life, personal growth, communication, and shared learning to her first volume.   Jill is grateful to be good friends with her first husband, and now married to her earlier high-school sweetheart.  Current interests include yoga and spiritual work, rollerblading and advocacy, and time with her ten, blended-family, cross-cultural grandchildren.

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