imagesToday is Thanksgiving in the US… where I’m originally from and where I still have family and many friends.  To all USers, I hope you have had a delicious, warm holiday, full of connection, feasting, and gratitude.

I was out on my bike today, musing about gratitude, and thanksgiving as I cycled along among the scarlet maple trees, the golden beeches, warming to smiles on people’s faces, awed by the scudding black clouds and patches of blue…  I was struck again and again at the marvel of being alive on this planet.  It is indeed a wonderful world!  I am moved to share some imagery to go with this heartfelt experience.

As you watch, I invite you to recall the special moments, people, places in this wondeful world for which you are particularly grateful.  Enjoy Louis Armstrong’s and then David Attenborough’s offerings of this prayer of thanksgiving!


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