“Ain’t no use hurryin’ if you’re on the wrong road.”  Satchel Page

Day 2: LaConner to Juniper Lane, Friday Harbor   In the morning, after overnight drizzle, we set off for Friday Harbor on San Juan Island after hostess Cindy’s fresh fruit, scones, sausages, and individual cheese souffles.  The sun came out as we pedaled away (after having lost and found each other on the hills nearby!), and the weather was ideal until our final day.

We chose a longer route through the Swinomish Reservation which has some serious hills, a couple so steep it was hard to breathe.  Nice to stop and rest, and celebrate the summits.  Drivers were considerate, by and large, giving us berth and/or slowing down. We hugged the shore with fabulous views of Fidalgo Bay, and had a brief stop at a beautiful Drift-wood beach. Chef Salad in the sun, nap in the shade, while we waited for our ferry to Friday Harbor.


After a Latte at the Overlook Café, we wended our way to Juniper Lane Guest House – a “Hip and Unique Boutique”, with a gracious hostess, funky Sun/Windmill, spacious room, private bath and full, shared kitchen. We walked to the Golden Triangle for one of our best meals, Splendid Bean Thread Noodle Salad and Thai Chicken Curry.

Grocery shopping at King’s Market for the following days, I discovered Hope’s cookies )oatmeal, chocolate, nuts, coconut, chewy, yummy, $.99), my joy and nemesis from there-on-in. Sitting outside at Juniper’s in the evening, enjoying our bottle of San Juan Chardonney, overlooking the valley, the swooping swallows, perching eagle, honking geese, hummingbirds, and sweet peeping froggies…wow, heaven on earth.  IMG_3381

IMG_4609We had a nice neighbor from Alabama (folks come to Juniper Lane from
all over the world!), who was there on her own, gave us tips about the next day, and took our pictures.

Highlights and Insights: Rolling alongside water is nourishing. All hills have summits!  Deep breathing makes almost everything better.  Dusk is a glorious time of day.  Swallows are going down in Vancouver, but thriving on San Juan.

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