”Let us try to remember the precious nature of each day.” The 14th Dalai Lama

 Day 6:  Rain overnight, heavy, steady. We waited until checkout at 11, and set off in a misty, light drizzle, north along Old Hwy 99.  Then it started to really come down.

IMG_3441We stopped for a break in the dense old forest along Friday Creek (watched a man throwing a big stick to a strong dog who fetched it!).

Then we pushed on through, up and over Lake Samish Way — another hill to take your breath away — and rolled into the shelter of Lake Padden Park for our final picnic.

We were glad we got to use our rain gear, and weathered the weather. And we were very glad for the foamies to sit-upon. They felt very good on the damp picnic table seats.IMG_3443

As we put on our rain pants again for the final hill up Yew St, the sun came out and shined bright and warm upon us. After coasting down to Lakeway, we were warmed up enough to shed our rain gear, and rolled in to 4710 Spring St. to find Marlena in the street greeting us with arms open for a big hug.

A wonderful ending to our second mother-daughter bike adventure! Maybe next year Marlena will join us for a three-generation bike tour.

Highlights and insights: How grateful we are to be able to cycle and spend time together — nourishing to body, soul, and spirit.  So satisfying to weather serious weather. Food tastes especially good after big hills and exiting wet clothes!

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