The last entry was about changing reality. Today the Senate will vote on whether to change the gun registration laws; soon the (next) decision will be made regarding the Keystone XL pipeline, which if approved, would change our climate in ways that some say would be game over for civilization as we know it; Mike’s medical report, stating that the spots on his lung are NOT cancer, changed our lives and gave great cause for celebration!

Well, I’d like to share with you a Story of Change, an animated inspirational short, created by a hero of mine, Annie Leonard, the genius who created the Story of Stuff, and hasn’t looked back.  (If you haven’t seen the Stuff Story, it’s excellent — but please watch Story of Change as well, it’s about where we are right now.  Being Green Consumers is important, but not enough! It’s a great place to start, but not a good place to stop!  And not everyone’s gonna like it when we keep going.)

Earth Day is coming up, and what better way to honor and celebrate it than by reflecting on our part in making a better future for people and the planet.  We need nothing less than a giant shift in our economic model, to change the rules of the economic game.  One way to put it: instead of continuing to operate under our dinosaur model that benefits the few and the rich, we need an economy that creates safe products, keeps people and the planet healthy… in short, change the priorities in a BIG way.

The Story of Change suggests that three things are needed for BIG CHANGE to happen.

First there needs to be a BIG IDEA.  Not desegregation for 20% of the people in some places, but NO segregation.  We’ve got some whopping big ideas!

Secondly, WE need to WORK TOGETHER  Ghandi and M. L. King didn’t manifest their ideas alone; masses of people supported their Big Ideas.  Well, we have masses of people who want fewer toxic chemicals in our environment, cleaner energy and energy laws, less corporate influence in government, (in the US it’s 74, 83 and 85% respectively).

What we need now is, #3  ACTION — concerted action toward the Big Ideas.  Then things start to happen.  They are.  All over.  Movements are building and change is happening.  We need to keep at it, and become part of it.

Annie asks us to reflect on what kind of Changemakers we are.  All kinds are needed:  investigators, communicators, builders, resisters, nurturers, networkers… “Whatever you have to offer, a better future needs it!”

Revisiting this topic is perfect for me right now, as I have been having another round of asking about my role, my contribution…what areas, how much, how often, how at all?

There are excellent resources on the site for assessing your strengths, preferences, possibilities.  It’s fun when we can do these things in community, and the community at the Story of Stuff Project is awesome! 

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