I just came across a sweet, deep, heartful poem called “God Says Yes to Me” by Kaylin Haught.

I love that God is female , that she talks with a warm, southern accent, and I was touched what she responded when asked whether it is was OK to do this, that, or something else… as be melodramatic, be short, wear nail polish, not paragraph letters. (Slip in your own special requests here.)Guess what? God said “Sure it is OK.” And “You can do exactly what you want to.” And get this: “What I’m telling you is Yes, Yes, Yes.”How about that for permission to be ourselves! Of course no one needs to tell us that. What’s more, it wouldn’t do any good anyway. We need to know and accept it ourselves or we won’t act on it. (And of course, it’s not OK to hurt anyone else doing what we want to do. I’m sure God would agree. :-))I was actually startled to notice the leap of joy in my heart that the poem’s permission to say Yes! Yes! Yes! to ourselves, to our yearnings, our hearts’ desires evoked in me. I was touched by the message, and I was also touched by how much it touched me — as though I’ve never really given myself full permission to be myself with that wholehearted enthusiasm. It was truly a Memorable Moment! Maximize it :-), Yes, Yes, Yes!, by reflecting a bit.

How much and often do you give yourself permission to be who you are in the moment, to do what you really want to? How do you withhold permission, and what effect does this withholding have on your joy, your creativity, your capacities?

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