My choir is singing the The Sea Symphony this weekend, Vaughn Williams has set Walt Whitman’s poem to music, and what music it is! Want to be inspired? Listen to this clip highlighting the Scherzo movement, The Waves, and enjoy the images. what an adventure! Whether or not I manage to nail all the tough bits, singing it will be a Memorable Moment!

Canadian elections are looming: there is lots of action on the internet to oust Stephen Harper’s Conservatives — and man have they done some bad stuff! The reported surge of voter interest and turnout is surprising and most encouraging. A change in leadership would be a heartening event, a wave of good for Canada and the planet. If you’re Canadian, you might want to consider vote swapping“We just might be the luckiest people alive!” Have you seen the card with this quote? I have it on my desk and take a deep, appreciative breath every time my eyes land on it. In addition to giving ourselves permission to be ourselves — our imperfect, zany, authentic, unique and precious selves (see earlier blog post) — gratitude is another way to maximize our lives, to tap into joy… to be in the present moment, to ride the undulating waves of our lives.

If you are new to the site, have a look at BECOMING: Journeying Toward Authenticity. Check our website for a sample chapter, or view the reviews to get a flavor for the volume.

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