when in doubt choose love

When in doubt, Choose to Love. There are so many things to say about Love that my heart starts to beat faster as I even think about sharing on this deep topic.  Love,  loving, choosing love…has actually come my way not only through the classic, inspiring Beatles song, All You Need is Love, (which was a smash hit right in the middle of my teen age years, and still inspires me to dance and sing :-)).   Love it!

choose love

Choose to Love has also come to me through a wonderful Rick Hansen JOT (Just One Thing) piece that landed in my inbox.  Rick has some beautiful points about the Why and How to Choose to Love.  The timing of this piece was serendipitous, coincidental, one might say…(although some maintain that there are no coincidences in our unfolding).  It came just as I was exploring questions about simplicity, doubt, and love in my personal work.  

I have written about simplifying, both in my blog, and in the Seasonal Notes (last Winter Solstice).   I am discovering that when I feel anxious or agitated, or am darting about (as is my want when I’m not grounded), it is a wonderful resource and recourse for me to turn to love.  And it’s sooooo simple!

choose to love each other

In that very moment, choosing love invites me to open my heart; I am often able to be loving toward whomever I’m with, or in whatever the situation.  It helps me step out of the tangle, the struggling, the not knowing what to do or where to focus.  When in doubt, Choose to Love.  

The other beautiful thing is that it helps me ground myself and return to the present moment.  I can’t say what a relief, what a great relief it is to have one answer to every problem: Choose to Love. Whatever else is needed can, and will, grow out of that.   Of course, I don’t always remember or manage to choose to love!  When I fail, forget, or don’t want to, I can always “begin again”.  🙂

After I settled on Choose to Love for this post, I came across this inspiring short video about an Earth Champion in India, whose message and actions are grounded in Love.  Enjoy this heart-opening saga of transformation. Afroz Shah says that “Love is the Missing Link”.  Well put!  When in doubt, and at all other times, Choose to Love.  

choose love

How do you choose to love, or notice that you are choosing not to love?  I’d love to hear.  We are in this together.  We all feel and experience the hate and divisions and polarization floating around.  And we all know that the only recourse is love. Hate and fear breed more hate and fear.  It is in loving, ourselves, each other, the planet, life that we can move forward.  

PS Love is a noun and a verb. I could also have said “Choose Love”, and that would have been just right as well. I could also have said, “Whenever possible, choose to love”, and that’s also a winner. BTW: It’s always possible to choose love! 🙂

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