Reasons to be grateful.

Reasons to be grateful: let me count the ways indeed! I am a dual citizen, and one of the benefits (and there are soooo many…ay, there is a good reason to be grateful right there), is that I have the loverly experience of celebrating Thanksgiving twice every fall!

In honour of the US Thanksgiving late in November, I wanted to just pluck a few of the infinite, yes, infinite ways and reasons I am overflowingly grateful. And by doing this, I encourage you to count your ways and reasons. There is really no season for gratitude, of course. But Thanksgiving gives us a little nudge.

Reasons to be grateful...thanksgiving

I am grateful (not in order of importance)

  • for family and friends;
  • that I am able to spend this Thanksgiving with my family in the US;
  • for deep breathing, clean clean air, good water;
  • for being alive, what a stunning and precious gift that is!
  • for Autumn, and in general, the magical, magnificent changes of seasons;
  • for good news sites such as Future Crunch and Reasons to be Cheerful;
  • that France is doing away with plastic packaging for fruits and veggies!
  • for the ongoing excellent, helpful, compassionate and skilled care I have received for my dislocated shoulder,
  • that my shoulder is recovering really well;
  • for love and caring, at home and out in the wide, wide world…. soooo many people doing good things for the planet, its creatures and other people;
  • that the USDA Forest Service is restoring protection to the Tongrass in Alaska… undoing, as one of many actions and deleterious orders passed by the former administration; Yeah for this trend!
  • that decent people are learning to speak up to counter the Big Lies and hateful actions;
  • for the experience and effects on body and soul of being grateful 🙂
  • for Suzanne Simard, Joanna Macy, Erwin Laszlo, Rick Hanson…and so many more who speak about our deep interconnectedness;
  • for awe and wonder: that “the richness of nature lived in a single second is every bit as powerful as the awe we might feel when we look at the Milky Way”  Psyche;
  • and another, and another and another…. the list is neverending…
Reasons to be grateful

Reasons to be grateful: let me count the ways! I would love to hear from you! We are in this together, and sharing our stories, our ups and downs, and feeling how this sharing enriches us all, actually transforms us from the inside out.

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