I am pleased to tell you that we have added a new tab on the BECOMING website, Therapy and Counselling. I would like to thank Kathy Barnhart, marriage and family therapist (and talented photographer!), Toni Pieroni, registered counselor and Imago therapist, and Larry Butler, hypnotherapist and webmaster, all dear friends of mine — Kathy for suggesting that BECOMING would be of great use as a therapeutic tool, Toni for writing a draft text of the ‘how and why’ of this new approach, and Larry for his generous, intensive, and extensive work on the website.

Here are some of the therapeutic benefits Toni mentions, that may come of reading and using BECOMING:

• To help individuals see their own life story as a story of ‘becoming’
• To increase self-awareness and compassion for self and others
• To develop and strengthen their “observer” self (Brain science is showing that benefits to health and well-being come from developing that capacity.)
• To help people see that ‘how’ they tell their story impacts their perspective and feelings about their life – and that there may be more than one way to perceive one’s life.
• To help clients, or individuals, journal in a productive and meaningful way and help them break out of the circular looping the mind can often get stuck in.
• To have a way of seeing life’s journey as a process
• To assist clients in engaging more deeply with their own lives – taking on the task of ‘authenticity’

If you know therapists, perhaps you could make them aware of this post or the website where there is further discussion of the topic. If you are a therapist yourself, well, voila! 🙂

It becomes increasingly clear that readers are finding BECOMING valuable and rewarding on their personal journeys, and this additional use may be another way to expand the circles of awareness, reflection, and growth.

In gratitude for our interconnections, mutual enrichment, and with joy and pleasure in the shared journey,


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