The book I have been working on for the past couple of years (it’s my first), is fresh back from the printer! It’s called Becoming: Journeying toward Authenticityand creating it has been a rich and rewarding project. It is published by a new, independent, Vancouver publisher: The Write Room Press.I invite you to have a look at the book and read some reviews by going to voila! It can be ordered there as well. Or you can contact me directly jill.schroder AT (substitute @ for ” AT “). A portion of the proceeds will go to Families For Children a fine non-profit, non-sectarian organization helping the poorest of women and children.
The book itself is a set of personal essays, which, as one reviewer has said, “… glean nuggets from many teachings and makes them personally accessible. This is benefit enough to recommend it. More than this, though, it invites us into our own experiences. And after all, it is here – in the intimacy of our own experience – that these stories come true and unfold. These stories are doorways, opening us to our own journeys. This is a book to read over and over.”
Each essay begins with two provocative quotations which set the tone, and concludes with references to related reading to deepen the exploration of the theme. As well, each essay offers a set of questions which invite the reader to reflect on her/his own life in the areas addressed in that essay.
The essays themselves, and the questions that follow, are intended to be a stepping stone for the reader’s own personal reflection and self-discovery. Becoming is an invitation for each of us to delve into our own lives and stories, to reflect and share, broaden and deepen. Essentially the essays are about exploring key moments in our lives, the possibilities for personal transformation, and for being here — now — in an authentic way.
The section headings areWhy me? Why now? What about you?
Growing Up
Metaphors and Worldviews
People and Places
Purpose and Meaning
Shadows and Ambiguities
Control and SurrenderPerhaps this piques your interest 🙂

In future posts, you’ll find material on some of the book’s themes, as well as links to related topics. This will get us started:Authenticity is a rich topic. What does it actually mean, Authenticity? One definition suggests that authenticity is “a particular way of dealing with the external world, being faithful to internal rather than external ideas.” This is in sync with the tone of the book but barely begins to scratch the surface. What does authenticity mean to you?One of the essays in Becoming is called “Work and/or Play.” Check out this TED talk by Stuart Brown on “Why Play Is Vital,” which relates directly to the essay. Get ready to smile!

Welcome to the Becoming blog. I hope we enjoy a fruitful connection. Please post a comment and give me your feedback and ideas.

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