“Today, August 4, is President Obama’s birthday. As we wish Happy Birthday to Barack, we may remember how the world stopped to watch him step into this office… What an overwhelming job he’s tackled. He needs us, those people– those many among us– who are willing to help slay the dragons, yet we cannot slay them if we (or he) are consumed by them or protecting them! Our and his work is cut out, no doubt.” Read more at Christina Baldwin’s site: http://storycatcher.net/wordpress

But just what is this work that is cut out for us?
One essay in Becoming is called ‘Universe Unfolding,’ and it tackles the seeming contradiction Shunryu Suzuki addresses in his quote ‘Each one of you is perfect as you are. And you all could use a little bit of improvement!’ This paradox surely applies to the world as well.
How do you feel about the perfection of the universe confounded with the turmoil on the planet? What happens as you try to consider both simultaneously? What is appropriate ‘work’ in your life and worlds at the present time?
Becoming considers these questions and helps us move to personal and universal responses to the juxtaposition of consternation and celebration, greed and grace, apathy and awareness, jousting and joy…
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