After the red rocks of Utah, we are now among the mountains and rivers of Wyoming.  It continues to be an adventure, seeing the plants and animals, the Jackson rodeo, floating the roaring Snake River, with Nick and Lilly, and experiencing them together.  On seeing the stunning Magpie, Nick, who is fascinated by whales, said, “Look, an Orca bird!” 🙂

The wildlife and flowers have been glorious and uplifting.  I remember the morning, at a campsite with a view of the Wind River Range of the Rockies, and overlooking a river where we saw a moose cow grazing, Nick said, “Grandma Jill, look here.  See this cushion of flowers.”  We bent down together to study a microcosm, literally a cushion of teeny plants, exquisite white and purple blossoms, fit for a fairy king or queen to sit upon.

I’ve only been traveling along  for less than a week, yet our wild sitings have been wondrous and thrilling.  I hope to create a complete compilation, but for now, since it’s late, may it suffice to list what we enjoyed on our evening float of the rushing, gushing Snake River:  white pelicans, bald eagles and nests, mergansers with little ones, kingfishers, cliff swallows, water ouzels, ospreys and nests, canada geese with goslings, teals, mallards, and a glimpse of a fox!  The Snake River is way full, carrying 7 times as much water as it does at its normal capacity, and we were glad to be safe in the hands of an experienced guide.

Tomorrow we head north toward Jenny Lake and Yellowstone, and may be without internet connection for some time.  Be well, do good work, and stay in touch!


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