It’s Earth Day.  And a glorious day it is here on the west coast.  The leaves are in that magical state of opening that maximizes the luminous, bright greens.  I’m dazzled as the light shines on and through the partially opened leaves to the blossoms and ground below.  The herons are busy nesting in their colony just outside our  living room window.  The bedding plants have taken hold and are upright in the sunshine, promising tasty salads in the months to come.

Much is glorious here on our precious planet, earth, and much is egregiously amiss. So what’s Earth Day all about, and does it matter, can it make a difference? From the Writer’s Almanac I learned that the roots of Earth Day go back to the 1962 publication of Rachel Carson’s landmark book.  I re-ead the story of Silent Spring, I felt enormous gratitude for Carson’s tireless and radical work, exposing the effects of pesticides and other chemical pollution on the environment.

For many years nothing changed, but then finally, “twenty million people nationwide participated in the first Earth Day, on April 22, 1970, and the government finally took notice, forming the Environmental Protection Agency and passing the Clean Air, the Clean Water, and the Endangered Species Acts.”  Wow!  When the people lead, the leaders will follow.

Today I watched an NRDC video by Sigourney Weaver on what can be done to help save wildlife in the ocean.  In case you were wondering how you can make a difference, and whether it matters, have a look at the video, and consider celebrating Earth Day by joining this movement… Or pick another cause, there are so many good and vital ones.  Together we can and are making a difference.

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