Spring into fall: let's do it!

Spring into Fall: Let’s do it! It is still late August but it almost seems like September already — the leaves are slightly turning, the air is becoming crisp… some of those special things that are beautiful about fall. As I was brushing my teeth this morning, I felt a mix of things: still a bit groggy from the night’s sleep, and also feeling quite alive, noticing how good it is to experience energy, real waking up.

The funky phrase, “spring into fall” came to mind, and I felt like sharing it with you, both to continue the motivation I was experiencing that morning, but also to invite you into the conversation. What are some ways that you find that you can keep a spring in your step, keep light and feel brightness in your heart, head, and body as the days get shorter and turn toward fall?

Spring into fall: stretching is key

For me, starting the days with the 4 Minute Peaceful Warrior Workout gets things moving, and is a huge boost. That lets me then relax and enjoy my morning Latte with my sweety, which in turn keeps my heart light and brings a smile to our faces (at least most of the time!).

Then I LOVE fall cycling, walking in the park, collecting leaves as they turn brilliant colors. Maybe even taking a dip in the ocean. Oh, and evening stretching is a treasure too. These are some of the ways I enjoy springing into fall. How about you? I’d love to hear. We are in this together!

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