Today we celebrate International Women’s Day. Little Things Matter. I just received a lovely card from a friend reminding me, and I’d like to remind us all (actually whether we are women or men), to celebrate ourselves, our lives, the stunning opportunity that we have, simply being here on this glorious, precious planet.

I’ve been paying a lot of attention, as you likely have as well, to the horrendous scenes in Ukraine, and all the ripple out and implications of this conflicht for our lives going forward, but also to the incredible coming together to help the people affected by the war, individuals, nations…

I’m put in mind of little things, how when we pay attention to the little things in our liv, they make a big difference, to ourselves, to our own hearts and lives, and they will also ripple out to affect others.

There is a beautiful Daily Om which I really have enjoyed called “Little Things Matter”. I would like to share that with you.

Here a brief excerpt: “The difference between being happy and not being happy is not in what you are experiencing, but in the amount of attention and the attitude of preciousness you bring to any moment. It only seems like what you are experiencing is the cause of happiness. But happiness is our natural state and not caused by anything; it is only obscured by the belief that something isn’t worthy of our attention or gratitude. When we give anything our attention and gratitude, we experience happiness in that moment.

I would like to offer paying attention to the little things as a lovely remembrance and practice for International Women’s Day, and every day. Little Things Matter in a big way!

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