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Saying Yes Is Simple - Not Easy

Saying Yes Is Simple – Not Easy

Saying yes is simple – not easy. I know this from personal experience! How many times and ways have I heard similar messages: Don’t resist, what we resist persists, acceptance frees our energy, saying no blocks it.. again and again. Saying Yes to the Universe (now there’s the full meal deal, eh?), is the title...
International Women's Day: Little Things Matter

International Women’s Day: Little Things Matter

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day. Little Things Matter. I just received a lovely card from a friend reminding me, and I’d like to remind us all (actually whether we are women or men), to celebrate ourselves, our lives, the stunning opportunity that we have, simply being here on this glorious, precious planet. I’ve been...
How Do We Create Balance in Our Lives?

How Do We Create Balance in Our Lives?

Balance has been very much on my mind these days.  How DO we/I create balance in our lives? At times it feels like a juggling act: balancing family, care of close ones, ones in needs, one’s body, service — locally and further afield, attention to what’s needed at home and in the wide world.  ...