Thanksgiving in Canada comes in October, at a time where there are still Farmers Markets, pumpkins growing in the fields, leaves still on many trees, glowing with glorious color. Often there is crisp, clear air, stunning sunny days,,,moderate temperatures, and the rain hasn’t set in yet. All the above is true this year, and in this spirit, I want to wish you all, Canadians, and everyone far and wide, a joyful heart, full of thanks… and to remind us all of the power and glory of gratitude. Let us all give thanks! Indeed!

And this year, we have an extra bonus… there is a full moon…called a Hunter’s Moon, to add to festiveness of the holiday. You can learn a bit more about this special moon, coming after September’s Harvest Moon, at this NASA site, it’s chock full of fascinating history, culture, tradition. Enjoy!

For your reading pleasure are some past posts, published around Thanksgiving. There are some sweet stories, fond memories, heartful pictures. What are some memories and stories YOU have about this time of year, and the transformative power of Gratitude? I’d like to hear. We’re in this together!

I hope you enjoy some of these essays. Let us all give thanks! Thanksgiving and Gratitude never grow old!


Thanksgiving and Gratitude.

Gratitude is Transformative


Thanksgiving: let us all be grateful

Thanksgiving Revisited


Thanksgiving, Gratitude, and Happiness….Hmmmmm

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