giving gifts

Giving gifts? At time when we’re all hunkered down. concerned for ourselves, our families and friends, local and world economies; many people are suffering, losing jobs, know loved ones who are dying… Who has time or energy to think about giving gifts?  

Well, you probably know as well as I, that it’s one of the best ways for us to deal with stress, anxiety, uncertainty. This isn’t news to you or to me… still, I’ve found it coming up again for me when considering strategies, opportunities, or skillful means, during these challenging times.  It just felt right to remind myself/us all of the blessings that pour out when we are giving gifts.  

giving gifts

During this lockdown period, I’m taking an extended meditation course, exploring Fundamental Wellbeing…learning to be persistently present with/to/as Being, Creator, Presence, Awareness, Consciousness, God, … whatever you may call the Source….

giving gifts

One of the practices that we are invited to do, on at least one and preferably more days, is to perform five random acts of kindness — all in one day :-)!  Then take note of what that’s like, how it affects wellbeing.  What a lovely way to implement giving gifts!  Today was my day, and I can say that the open heart, the secret, inner pleasure, the outer surprise and gratitude were uplifting indeed.  My heart was singing, and not just from the lovely tunes the street musician played, and how she smiled as I dropped some money into her open violin case.  

street musician

I was reminded that one of the huge benefits of giving gifts is what we receive… That’s not why we give random acts of kindness, of course… it just feels so darn good…both the gift giving and the gifts received!!  

What are some of the ways you like to give gifts, or some of the gifts you have been giving, or maybe have been receiving… And/or what are the gifts that you have received when you give?  I’d love to hear, we’re in this together!

Here are two sites you might find inspiring: Random acts ideas. Kindnesses to consider.

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