Silver linings

Silver linings, new perspectives, fresh ways of seeing… as we continue to experience ever more deeply the upending effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people around the world are offering and experiencing what we could truly call Silver Linings to the dark clouds. Surprising and heartening perspectives are emerging from this, in some ways, clearly calamitous situation.  

Before exploring and naming some of these Silver Linings, I want to acknowledge that the Coronavirus is wreaking great havoc, there is no end in sight, and many people’s lives have been radically altered.  There are many who are financially stressed, in challenging familial situations, whose health is compromised… I am, we all, are sending heartfelt love, support, and compassion to those whose lives have been deleterious affected in existential ways.  And we have no idea where it will end, or what the world will look like on “the other side”.

And still, I have spoken to a number of “regular folks”, for whom the implications of the new order resulting from the fallout of trying to contain the virus are not easy at all, (not to mention those of us who are relatively secure, safe and comfortable), who are speaking of silver linings. Here a few:  “I’ve had conversations with my teen-aged daughter I would never have had under regular circumstances; we’ve taken some wonderful hikes together; there is so much time, not having to dart/carpool from activity to activity; I can’t imagine going back to the way things were; I am so enjoying going through my “stuff”, and moving things along I haven’t used in ages…;” The list goes on and on, and you might have your own.  

Clearly introverts have it easier with isolation, and staying home.  A friend said how relieved she feels, not having to show up, go out, be someone she doesn’t really feel like being!  For me personally, it has been a mix.  With all the time available, I can still find myself caught up in trying to do, fit more in, keep up on the flood of emails (many of them useful, informative, inspiring, but sooooo many!), feeling my inner critic nattering in a corner of my mind (more on the another time!  

For now, have a look at this helpful JOT: Just One Thing post by Rick Hanson: Lower the Pressure)  Happily I have resources to deal with these familiar and deeply conditioned patterns.  

Silver Linings

Some of my Silver Linings include the virtually empty day book :-), the spaciousness, the opportunity to flow, be spontaneous.  They include meditating together with Mike, the walks we take through our most precious Stanley Park, now exploding with spring blossoms — oh the and Forsythia, the Cherry trees! The silver linings include regular Zoom connections with family and friends, even playing games together! It’s touching and heart-opening to join the daily clapping, shouting cheering for the front line workers performing our essential services, that happens at 7 pm on the balconies in Vancouver’s dense West End, and elsewhere. I can palpably experience our interconnectedness. It touches me to hear how, when times are challenging, people are being kind, reaching out, showing love and caring; and how we get splendidly creative, eg Choir! Choir! Choir!, ( a weekly drop in singalong!), church services, meditation and yoga classes on line; businesses repurposing to make badly needed hospital and caregiver supplies… the list is long and deeply heartening.  

Silver linins

There are some wild and crazy conspiracy theories out there.  One can be tempted to get sucked into fear, and concern — more than the reality calls for.  But it is comforting to remember that no matter what might be happening — causes, effects, possibly malevolent actions behind the scenes — this remains true:  what we think, feel, do, care about… matters deeply. We can be part of silver linings for others…by smiling, being kind, sharing, staying home and  showing up, contributing in whatever ways and with whatever means we can.  Spreading love and goodwill is so easy, and makes such a difference. The Beatles said it well, and here you can listen to kids around the world sing and playing: “All We/You Need Is Love.”   

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