As long as this exists…

“As long as this exists,” I thought, “and I may live to see it, this sunshine, the cloudless skies, while this lasts, I cannot be unhappy.  The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quite alone with the heavens, nature, and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and that God wishes to see people happy, amidst the simple beauty of nature. As long as this exists, and it certainly always will, I know that then there will always be comfort for every sorrow, whatever the circumstances may be. And I firmly believe that nature brings solace in all troubles. ”   (Excerpted from Anne Frank’s The Diary of a Young Girl, which was published on this day in 1952.)

Right now I am looking out my window this glorious first day of May.  I have much more freedom and window space to look out than dear, young, brave Anne Frank did those many years ago, but I feel some of the same feelings — that we are intended to to happy, that there is comfort in Nature, the heavens, and for some, in God, the Mystery, Being.

And this image is the celebration of spring, blooming, rebirth that is enacted in many places, including my grandkids’ school, by dancing around a May pole.  What delight!

YET, and it’s a big yet, there is soooo much amiss, which is why I put parentheses around (Happy) May Day.  May Day is also an international distress call, and the celebration of workers in over 80 countries.  And God knows, I assume, there is lots of international distress, and workers need all the celebration they can get!

While there is indeed solace in Nature, grounding and peace in Being,  I do not want to rest in solace or personal contentment so long as there is such social injustice, environmental devastation, political corruption, physical and spiritual distress near and far…

Not long ago the Occupy movement brought these issues to our attention, but it is so very easy to fall back into the comfort zone.  Even many of us in the 99% lounge in our comfort and complacency.  So what now?

The Mission of Be The Change Earth Alliance is a beaut:  Let us move forward together toward living a more environmentally sustainable, socially just, and spiritually fulfilling life.  Amen.  May we keep on keeping on finding the ways to do our part, some part, any part.

May you have a wonderful day and month.  May your May and your life be full of contentment, solace, joy, kindness.  And may you find ways that work for you to move us toward a  sustainable, just, and fulfilling life for all — people, creatures and the planet.  Happy May Day! 

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