What's the hurry?
Life is short…

What’s the hurry?  Slow down!  Yes, yes, I know.  I’ve been hearing it’s good to slow down for years. The topic of hurry and rush is actually somewhat painful to me.  Recently, both my partner and a dear friend reported that very often when they are interacting with me, there’s a sense that I am rushed, that my do-list is waiting, that I am not fully present.  

If I am honest (and I’d rather not be, as it’s a bit embarrassing after all the years of inner work, but it’s true nevertheless), I do often experience a sense of urgency in my life.  At its best, it can be like excitement, maybe enthusiasm.  But it could also be more like overwhelm and panic.  After all, there is so much to do, to learn, to share, to follow up on…

When I let myself really feel into rushing, it’s definitely not positive.  What’s the rush?  Well, I’m thinking now that rush is a state of mind that comes from a place of lack, a sense of agitation and potential loss.  Oh my.  That’s a big insight.  

Slow down
…so savour it.

For many years the suggestion that I slow down has felt like I “should” to me, a Super Ego trip, like I was being told what to do.  Here’s something weird:  I actually felt that I would miss things if I slowed down!  Like things would escape me if I slowed down.  Really weird.   Because indeed, there is so much more, to see, hear, smell, sense, enjoy, when I am not rushing.  What’s the hurry?  

This post is inspired by a recent Daily Om by Madison Taylor called In a Hurry.   Madison writes: Always being rushed and in a hurry doesn’t allow time for the soul to enjoy life, which is composed of small, ordinary moments that can be beautiful.  

Happily I can say that over the years my rush/slow balance has changed. I can and do slow down at times and, as some of you may well know, it’s rewarding and rich.  In fact slowing down is more than just an antidote to “What’s the Hurry?”.  It’s a chance for a deep, relaxing, restorative breath, a chance to notice… the shiny wet leaves (I really loves shiny wet leaves :-)), the spring blooms, smiling faces, kids or dogs frolicking, clouds in the sky….being more careful with traffic on the road. It’s having time to pay attention to myself even as I am cycling to an appointment.  

Another of my go-to gurus, RIck Hanson, also has an essay on the topic: Avoid the Rush  which I recommend.  There is so much more to be gained when we pay attention to the pace of our lives and Slow Down!  Having injured my shoulder (still not healed, but coming along), slowing down is coming easier to me 🙂

Here’s a suggestion from Madison (and me): “One thing we can do …is bring awareness breaks into our day and take 10 minutes to simply look out the window and observe what’s happening outside. We might also choose to cultivate a relationship with someone we see regularly, such as a clerk at the convenience mart or a neighbor. Taking time to have a conversation that is not necessary is a true luxury in this day and age, as is staring out the window.” 

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