Have you noticed, BECOMING is now available internationally on Amazon, and also at Barnes and Noble? An additional, helpful feature newly on line is that you can ‘look inside the book ‘– view the back cover, the table of contents, and even page through an essay or two.

What’s more, it’s now possible to order BECOMING for your local bookstore — many distributors can supply it. So have a look, then invite your favorite bookstore to order some copies…

I say some copies, because comments and reviews are coming in that BECOMING works splendidly for reading circles, discussion groups, women’s or spiritual gatherings…

“Without leaving my home, I know the whole universe.” Lau-Tsu

“Could a greater miracle take place than for us to
look through each other’s eyes for an instant.” Henry Thoreau

This Saturday is International Day of Climate Action. October 24, 2009. Let’s all join in and show we care, and that climate change matters to us all. Lily Tomlin said “We’re all in this alone, together.” Right! Check this site to find an action near you, or do your own thing.”

Be inspired by Christina Baldwin’s new blogpost on the topic: 350: this number is hugely important for our times.

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