Holding the vision

Holding the vision…what do I mean? We are still deep in the midst of the Covid pandemic, school is about to start, we’re coming to the end of the national political conventions in the US :-/, there is considerable political turmoil here in Canada as well, and I am dealing with some personal issues, so it is easy for me, and I expect for you, to sink into negativity of all flavours — we each have our habitual and favorite negative MOs.  

Negativity, not only in my view, serves practically no useful purpose, and has countless deleterious effects.  I suggest we change the movie!  I offer a few choices that have been helpful to me in holding the vision.  There is just a brief hit of each selection in this post, but there are links for you to explore further.

I recently had occasion to re-read a provocative and compelling article in Aeon, which takes a worldwide focus, pointing out the danger of viewing the world as if it were in terminal decline.  Focussing on the evidence of decline impoverishes us, our creativity, and blinds us to the larger picture.  Have a read, and see what resonates with you.  

Journey to the Future Vision

Guy Dauncey, among others, is encouragingly and indefatigably focussed on creating a positive vision.  His book Journey to the Future is an inspiring look at where we can go.  And he asserts that without having and holding the vision of where we want to go, it’s highly unlikely we will get there.  Remember Goethe: “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”

Prayer can be a huge help   I am currently taking a prayer course in the Daily OM and finding deeply helpful in holding the vision.  

Indra's Net Holding the vision

The increasingly accepted perspective that we are interconnected also provides motivation to focus on the good.  On the one hand, clearly we are separate unique individuals where Newtonian Laws apply.  Yet on the Quantum Plane, everything is connected to everything else.  Dan Siegel has a short video intro.  Interconnectedness is WinWinWinWin.  and his Wheel of Awareness gives us access to this new reality.  

This interconnectedness leads to the startling reminder about the power of intention, and the ways in which our thoughts actually affect reality.   Joe Dispenza has done remarkable work in this area.  

And of course there is my beloved Future Crunch. In terms of holding the vision, they are way up there.  Their whole mission is to help change the negative movie, and give clear, concrete examples of the literally countless, inspiring activities, action, development, movements.  

This is just a start. There is so much more to offer here.  Please send along ways and means from which you take inspiration in these challenging times.  We’re in this together! 

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