Well, today I appreciated food as I think I never have before.

I had been fasting for 36 hours in preparation for a medical procedure, drinking only liquids, and eating only jello — which I had disdained until then, and for which I now feel warmth and affection!  In addition, I was not allowed to have seeds or nuts, corn or multigrain bread for a whole week ahead of the event.

It was fascinating to notice my response to being told what to eat, and what not. But that’s another chapter: Control and Surrender.  More on that another time!

No doubt, however that the memorable moment was the delicious delight and gratitude I felt putting the first almond into my mouth, savoring and relishing it.

Thank goodness for modern medicine, for good health, for people who pay attention to food and nutrition (see Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution), for tamari roasted almonds, granola, and kitchen-sink salads!

Reflections: What is your relationship to food?  What messages did you receive about food and eating as a child, and how do they affect you today?  When do you use food for comfort, distraction, pleasure?   When is it nourishing, or toxic?  Bringing our awareness to the role Food, Glorious Food, plays in our lives can provide much to chew on!

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