Well, this is another first for me — writing a post on the road.  I don’t know how to post personal pictures of this amazing trip yet, but I can say that the couple of days of the journey have had many memorable moments.

I was the last person off the shuttle from the La Vegas Airport in to town, seeing the crazy lights, fantasmagorical buildings, of The Strip, and upscale lodgings, all replete with their own gargantuan casinos, and then wandering up and down Fremont St. at midnight (“The Fremont Street Experience”), scoring a beer and hotdog at midnight for $2.oo while I watched the gamblers, was eerily disjointed preparation for hooking up with my son Martin, dear daughter-in-law Moni, and precious Nick, 6, and LIlly, 4, for two wonderful days in the Grand Canyon.  We settled on the North Rim, enjoying an overlook walk into the canyon at sunset (picture), then hiking and climbing the next morning, and both gave us glorious perspectives on this sheer unbelievable feat and feast of nature.

A Western Tanager joined us at camp for breakfast the next morning, and we saw our first ‘Tassled Squirrel,” unique to this part of the world. The colors, the shapes, the angles, the plants, the kids, the smells, the warm sun and cobalt sky, oh my!. My first visit to the Grand Canyon was worth waiting 69 years for!

And we have another Canyon coming up, Bryce 🙂

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