It’s been a week now, since I winged my way for the extended visit here in Austria with my son’s family.  My daughter with her family, also along, has been taking a few days to sightsee in and around Venice.

And today I had afternoon and evening, just me with the two local grandkids, and it went really well. (Parents were off celebrating a friend’s wedding.)  We had a fine time, no difficulties, as is not uncommon when the parents are away! Granddaughter Lilly picked strawberries and radishes from her mom’s garden for supper while Nick was working on a tunnel outside, then grandson Nick practiced piano and did homework while Lilly cleared plates and played happily by herself.  Then we got ready for bed with lots of time for a story. I played piano for them to fall asleep.

Wish my parenting had always been that smooth and sweet 🙂

In the afternoon we had returned to a wonderful swimming hole called Lottensee a short drive from home.  Only disappointment was that there was not a single polliwog at the small lake this afternoon, although it had been teeming with them a week ago when all four grandchildren spent several hours with pails and buckets, scooping them up, and taking in the odd newt, and one giant toad as well.  

But we had a lovel afternoon anyway.  I had a chance to watch the children, to breathe deeply, notice my experience, just simply be, and hang out with them, and they had a chance just to be as well, without time pressure, scarcely any dos or don’ts, and they could frolic in whatever way they wanted!  A sweet experience for us all!


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