Last week I was invited to a women’s group which had chosen my book, BECOMING, for their evening discussion. It was a rich and beautiful inquiry and sharing, leading to individual insights, provocative questions, warm connections. Such a gathering and format is a perfect place for the book to be useful, provocative and inspiring.
If you know are part of any such gathering, please keep BECOMING in mind!
The book is very easy to get now because it is available on-line: at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and in the UK.
Want to be inspired? Check out this posting about women, writers, activists gathering with synergy and dynamism: Christina Baldwin’s Storycatcher blog Read about her conversations with Gloria Steinem, Isabel Allende, Helen Thomas, and dozens of incredible leaders doing great work in the feminist world.
In these challenging times, “Let us try to remember the precious nature of each day.” The 14th Dalai Lama.
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