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Gratitude:  Reminders and Reminiscences

Gratitude: Reminders and Reminiscences

Gratitude and appreciation have not been front and center for me these last few weeks… whether it was the surge in the polls of the Conservative party; friends ill and dying, and the unmistakeable signs of aging at home; just a general settling in to the Core Condition: the humbling, challenging human paradox of being infinite...
Love and Bodies:  Happy Valentine's Day

Love and Bodies: Happy Valentine’s Day

Most Saturdays I dance!  At a class called NIA, a wonderfully comprehensive and glorious gift to the body and the senses.In honor of Vanentine’s Day the theme of the class will be LOVE.  The instructor, Judy Cashmore, is a sensitive, creative dynamo.  I had another post in mind, which I will write soon, but today,...