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Impeccability Invites Grace.  Gratitude helps!

Impeccability Invites Grace. Gratitude helps!

What a surprise to find that out, and actually experience for myself, that Impeccability invites Grace.  Doing some deep work with my Diamond Approach community recently, I first experienced massive resistance when I heard our clean, clear, definitely impeccable teacher, John Davis, urging us/me to invite more Impeccability into our lives. I ranted and raged,...
Searching for Benevolence

Searching for Benevolence

I often find myself wondering about the deep nature of reality, and ultimately searching for benevolence, I could even say longing for it.  Musing further on the question of good and evil, I sometimes ask myself how and where is goodness, benevolence to be found? Hmmm, what do actually I mean by that?  Well, many spiritual...