Today is Good Friday, and Easter is just around the corner —  or Passover, or the Rites of Spring — or something else, depending on your cultural or religious inclination.  In any case, all around it’s hopping and popping with life, mating, blooming, blossoming, glorious color and sound.

Happily the local weather is cooperating, and I have continued to enjoy heart and soul-warming sunshine and inspiring skies, even after my return from a rich and welcome retreat in northern California, where I enjoyed family and spiritual connections.

Today I was privileged to enjoy a performance of Mozart’s Requiem, arranged for string quartet plus bassoon, clarinet, and four soloists.  The combination of hearing this heavenly music and cycling around town doing errands and revelling in the explosion of spring led to the title of this note — life really feels like a Symphony right now.

Here are just a few of the blossoms that captured my attention.  Wow!   I actually am dealing with a number of challenges at the moment, which I may report in future notes.  Still, being in touch with, glorying in and celebrating life’s effulgence can keep all else in perspective. Eh? 🙂

May life be blossoming where you are as well!

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